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August 29, 2014
A Full Life One Way At A Time
September 2, 2014

Looking for a place to call home in NYC for $2,000 or less that isn’t a cubby hole? A recent article in the NY
Post has a quick and easy summary of neighborhoods where the price tag for a studio or one bedroom
apartment rental still hovers close to $2K. Check it out at:

Researching places to live in NYC can be a bit daunting and, while online articles are a good jumping off
point, having a real estate agent to guide you is a time saving and effort reducing method. We know the
inventory of every neighborhood in the city and we are skilled at making the application process run smoothly.
I am happy to help you find an agent – you can message me on this site just by clicking “Contact Me” in the
upper right corner of this website.

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