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August 14, 2014
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September 2, 2014

My roots in Colombia go back to the 1900’s when my grandfather, Miguel Cardona, relocated his family away from war and into a region where they could live off the land and prosper.

I’m proud of my family’s determination for a better life and proud of how life in Colombia has evolved and improved over the years. Every aspect of living in Colombia has improved from real estate to culture. The city of Medellin, for example, was recently named one of Latin America’s best cities to live in according to a study that rated 243 cities in 32 countries. (www.indracompany.com)

This week there’s a film festival in Medellin that offers a cinematic peek into Colombian culture and discussions with directors about making movies in the region.

For more information about my family history, click on “About” on my site.

For the Medellin Film Festival –go to http://colombiareports.co/medellins-12th-annual-cinema-festival/

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