A Full Life One Way At A Time
September 2, 2014

Commercial real estate in Brooklyn continues to see big money offered for development deals. Not every owner bites, however.

Take the unofficial landmark of Junior’s Restaurant for example. The owner of the 64 year old Brooklyn institution, Alan Rosen, recently changed his mind – he is not going to sell the restaurant. He turned down the $45 million dollar offer because it did not include plans for the restaurant and other offers fell short of a reasonable turn-around for Junior’s to re-open.
Personally, I admire Alan Rosen’s gutsy choice, one made in favor of keeping his staff employed and in line with his wishes to keep the business in the family. If you’d like to relocate your business or discuss commercial real estate options for expanding your business, I’m reachable at: iamadriancardona.com and Facebook. Perhaps we can discuss your plans over a slice of Junior’s cheesecake?

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