Your Next $2K Apartment Just Might Be Here
September 2, 2014
Brooklyn Commercial Real Estate, Not All Offers Are Good
October 3, 2014

In a recent article about personal excellence, I read about 101 ways to live a fuller life – sounded crazy to me, how do we find the time? However, if you make one simple change to your daily routine or one change to your approach to work and combine that with consistency, you will feel better and feeling better is like a domino affect to other areas of your life. “Are you excited every single moment?” is something the article asks. Personally, I don’t feel that we can possibly feel excited every single moment. Perhaps I am taking this question too literally. I do feel, however, that our overall sense of well-being should be on the plus side and a sense of realism helps in day-to-day life. Part of the equation for a fulfilled life for me has to do with starting off with exercise – this helps me to focus when I’m at work and gives me the energy to help others. Throughout each day I enjoy making authentic connections with people encouraging others to join me in real estate or helping them uncover what they really want to do. So, whether it’s 101 ways or just 5, find a way and make a way to live life to your fullest.


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